Using the power of Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Data Analytics

Blockchain Based
Invoice Discounting Platform

  • User Friendly interfaces

    Our Blockchain based platform is very user friendly and graphical for easy application and reporting in the fintech domain.

  • Quick Access to Funds

    Get speedy access to funds against your invoices using our fintech platform.

  • Impeccable Customer Support

    From application to disbursement our customer service team is always ready to assist you.

  • No Hidden Costs

    We operate in a transparent way with no hidden charges.



Faster Access to Funds

Zuron helps you unlock your working capital and get paid within 24 hours of exchanging an invoice.


Online Verification

Get hassle-free experience with online verification & approval to obtain your working capital.


Business Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard to manage your cash flow, business reports, etc.


Minimal Collateral

With Zuron, you get paid for your receivables with minimum collateral to finance your working capital.


Smarter Payment Management

Zuron helps you approve invoices and payments using reconciliation by smart contracts.


Competitive Terms

You get competitive terms by managing cash flow of your suppliers.


Seamless Integration

We have ready connectors for your ERP for seamless processing.


Seamless Payment

Through payment via smart contract, we automate the repayment making it risk-free.


Low Risk

With better visibility of supply chain using Blockchain, you discount with lower risk.


Seamless Integration

We have ready connectors for your LOS for seamless processing of suppliers and invoices.


Pre-screened Suppliers

You get quality business as we pre-screen and rate each buyer and supplier with an advance screening model.


Payment Automation

We manage payments and repayments using Smart Contract for highly efficient processing.

The process is quick and straightforward.

1. Connect

Sign up and fill an easy application using our fintech platform.

2. Select

Upload invoices on our platform to get funds with a single click.

3. Get Paid

Get paid instantly using Smart Contracts, your customer pays later.

How to Discount Invoices ?


Assess and Approve Suppliers

Use our online interface to assess business and approve.


Get Invoices from Supplier

You receive alerts whenever new invoices are submitted. Approve online instantly.


Disburse Funds

Disburse funds either traditionally or using our Smart Contracts.


Receive Repayment

Receive repayment automatically from buyer or supplier on our FinTech platform.


  • ERP Integration

    Integrates smoothly with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software of corporates through APIs/Connectors.

  • Cloud Based Product

    It helps enabling Short Onboarding time and provides accessibility of our fintech platform from anywhere, anytime via Internet.

  • Flexible Solution

    Our Fintech platform offers the corporate the flexibility of using treasury funds or bank funds at an invoice level.

  • Training & Onboarding

    Training Manuals for Suppliers/Vendors & Offline Support over call for a seamless experience.

  • Advanced Technology

    Our invoice financing platform is powered by machine learning and AI driven algorithm.